The traditional ways of dealing with training engagement are enhanced through Titans algorithms. The quality of the learning content is dealt with at the point of design, the quality of the delegate interaction is addressed through the simplicity and familiarity of the layout! 
Clean and uncomplicated menus make for stressless navigation allowing easy access to the most important elements for each delegate. 
Employer engagement is changed, no need for forceful or punitive methods of engaging line managers. At the heart of Titan is the ability to link learning content directly to commercial performance measures. 
Finally, a system that talks the same language as the employing business! 
Linking competence to business performance means that the move away from elongated learning paths and cumbersome Training Needs Analysis becomes easy. Adopting mobile technology to deliver learning priorities directly to the delegate enables true learning on demand while offering all available learning at all times ensures competence can be achieved and renewed easily when required. 
With high costs of designing and delivering training it vital to be able to show that it’s having the desired impact. Titan links competencies to commercial performance so there is no need for complicated academic ROI models to justify the investment. The performance of the business is used to measure the impact of the training offered and keeping it aligned month on month. 
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